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We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves as an established designer, manufacturer and supplier of finest quality Lead Acid Batteries, both Automotive and Industrial, having wide range in capacity and voltage, conforming to relevant specifications.

The company has been formed in 2007, in conglomeration of three different units who were working independently in the field for more than two decades prior to amalgamation. The promoters are well versed and exponents in the field of electro-chemical energy. The company is based in Hyderabad and its manufacturing units, having multi-million AH production capacity, are located just outside the city in a well developed and well connected industrial belt.


We are a fast growing company with a firm commitment to fulfill our vision of providing electrical energy, extracted from both conventional and non-conventional sources, to people of all strata, at a very reasonable & affordable price. Our batteries are best suited in all kinds of automobile, industrial and domestic applications particularly for excellent performance, economic & trouble-free services for a longer period. As the demand for electrical energy is fast growing, our objective is to meet the challenge in keeping with the pace in the coming years and as such equipped ourselves accordingly.


We have a team of highly qualified engineers and experienced technicians. Their skills and potentials are continuously upgraded through vigorous training and practices to keep pace with the latest technological development in this field. They are fully tuned to move towards company's new direction of focusing more and more on the energy movement.


Our products are manufactured under stringent quality checks and control so as to meet national and international standards. Majority of our production activities are done through sophisticated and latest automatic machines & equipments acquired from renowned makers abroad. Our laboratory is self-sufficient, equipped with ultra modern testing equipments. It has full facilities for testing raw & process materials, components, semi-finished and finished products.Apart from our own brand MASSIMO, we do manufacture brands of other companies as per their specifications.


This policy forms a strong part of our basic business philosophy and lies at the very heart of all our activities. From the board room & shop floor to the local community and beyond, Mittal Batteries recognizes its responsibilities as a global citizen. But it always the way with MBPL, we are not content merely adopting basic practices. Just as our products raise the bench mark in technology, our environmental policies set new standards for green manufacturing. All of us living in the 21st century have the vital mission of finding the best balance between economic growth and environmental conservation. Therefore we will work to create excellent energy & resource saving products and services, thus offering value to improve the quality of life while minimizing the impact on the environment.


   TISO 9001:2008

   ISO 14001:2004

   NSIC Certified

   APPCB Approved

   MNRE Approved

   APRTC Registered


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